Nechsar National Park

Nechsar National Park


Nechsar National Park, which is one the nine national parks in Ethiopia has an area of 514 kilo meter square. Nechsar (White grass) refers to the central grassy plains which are always associated with Burchell’s zebra and the parks most striking features.

It is the only national park in the world where the critically endangered Swayne’s hartebeest still survives, the only known locality of the Nechsar nightjar, with large populations of hippo and crocodile. The altitude in the park ranges from 1100 to 1650 meters above sea level. The rainfall in the park averages about 800mm a year. The driest season is December to February with daily temperatures from 36 to 39 degree centigrade.

A network of 185-km tracks gives access to all parts of the park. The early mornings and the late afternoon are good times for viewing wild animals. There is also a hot spring at the southeast corner of the park, which is used much by people who believe that the water is holy and heals from ailments.

The northern white-tailed bush lark are found only on the Nechsar plains in Ethiopia.

The park is 500 Km from Addis Ababa by road. It is located near Arbaminch town. The town is served twice weekly by Ethiopian Airlines from Addis.

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