Cultural Attraction

Cultural Attraction

Gambela Region

Gambella Is in the west of Ethiopia approximately 800 kms from Addis Ababa. It can be reached both by air and land. The whole area of Gambella Is a vast collection of Savannas, untouched forests, fast flowing rivers and wide grass plains stretching to the border of the Sudan. Gambella teems with wildlife of a wide variety.

The most commonly observed are the Nile Lechwe, Buffalo, Giraffe, water buck, bush buck zebra, various antelopes etc. The most outstanding feature of the area Is the spectacular migration of herds of white-eared kob. The rivers of Gambella are full of crocodiles and hippos. The inhabitants of this area are Nilotic people, the Anuwak and Nuer.


Omo Valley

The Omo valley is dominated mainly by many ethnic groups who speak omotic language as classified by linguistics. The region and the people of this area are one of the least affected by the modern world.The life style of these people has hardly changed for centuries. People still live in simple make shift huts, dress animal skins and drink from calabashes. The area is a veritable paradise for photographers and naturalists.

The people of the Omo Valley and their culture have been source of fascination for travelers. The Hammar who are well known for their sense of elegance are the major ethnic group in the region. The Surma and Mursi women, who wear lip plates by piercing their lower lip have been compelling tourists to travel to their land to see what seems impossible.

In addition, the Omo valley is rich in human prehistory; archaeologists have unearthed the remains of earliest human being on earth. Also the area is known for the existence of large number of wildlife of a great variety.

Afar Region

The Afar region is part of the Ethiopian Rift Valley. Since the late 1960s it has attracted the attention of researchers because of its uniqueness as the world’s only active, superior triple junction where the complex tectonics and volcanism of an area between three separating lithosphere plates (African, Eastern African, and Arabian) can be observed on dry land.

From archaeological point of view it was from this region that LUCY, the most important hominid skeleton dated at about 3.5 million years discovered. Any one who wants to visit the homeland of this Great, Great, Great — grandmother of the 6 Billion people of the world have to travel to the Afar region.

The Denakil Depression, at 120 meters below sea level is one of the lowest points on earth’s surface and it is found in the Afar region.


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