Nature of Ethiopia

Nature of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is well endowed with a wide variety of experiences in natural spheres to explore. The country boasts some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery, and features an extraordinary variety of wildlife species, as well as a spectacular variety of plants.

Ethiopia is truly a tourist paradise- beautiful, secretive, mysterious and extraordinary. With diverse landscape, fauna & flora, and welcoming people, it offers nature tourism. Ethiopia enjoys an amazing scenic beauty. It is rich in mountains, rivers, lakes, wildlife, plants, birds, waterfalls including the famous Blue Nile Falls, and many more. The country has nine national parks and 36 game reserve areas. For instance, the Semien and Bale mountains are the most spectacular and magnificent adventure sites.

Ethiopia is a land of rugged mountains (some are over 4000 meters high) broad savannah, lakes and rivers. The unique Rift Valley is a remarkable region of volcanic lakes, with their famous collections of birdlife, great escarpments and stunning vistas. Tisisat, the Blue Nile falls, must rank as one of the greatest natural spectacles in Africa today. With 14 major wildlife reserves, Ethiopia provides a microcosm of the entire sub-Saharan eco-system. Birdlife abounds and indigenous animals from the rare Walia Ibex to the shy wild ass roam free just as nature intended. Ethiopia, after the rains, is a land decked with flowers and with many more native plants than most countries in Africa. Among the many natural tourist attractions, only the principal ones are briefly given below.

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