A place of considerable interest, Wondo Genet is situated about 17 kms beyond Shashemane with a wonderful farm area of mainly coffee banana, papaya, and avocado . It has a popular hot spring resort, set on the side of a hill surrounded by a thick forest and renowned for its bird life.


At the Horacallo bridge it is possible to turn left along a track which leads to the lake. There are good camping spots here along the northern shore however, the main track to the lake is at about 210 and 215 kms leading left to the Wabe Shebele and Bekele Mola Hotels, beach and camping ground respectively:


Passing by Nazareth at 120 km. lies the famous resort area of Sodere. Sodere takes the advantage of the volcanic mineral springs that bubble to the surface to fill its two blue swimming pools with clear warm water. The nearby Awash River lends a part of its riverine forest in the form of giant shade trees.